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Good news: Hanoi tourism "resurrects" as it opens after the pandemic.

Hanoi's strong recovery after the pandemic has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists, contributing to the increasing development of Vietnam's tourism industry.

Covid-19 has caused many consequences for the global economy, including tourism. Therefore, as soon as Covid was controlled, Hanoi had plans to reopen to revive the tourism industry of the capital. In a short time, Hanoi tourism has made a strong breakthrough, achieving many successes and helping brighten the overall picture of Vietnam's tourism.

Hanoi tourism strives to transform and overcome challenges

Although facing many difficulties after two years of the pandemic, Hanoi has built a suitable tourism development plan for the current situation.

Before opening, Hanoi proactively restructured its services to attract domestic tourists with products such as the "Unlocking Hoang Thanh Thang Long" night tour at the Hoang Thanh Thang Long relic site, the "Sacred Night" experience tour at Hoa Lo Prison, the Folk Experience at the Museum of Ethnology, the double-decker bus tour to explore Hanoi, the "Footprint of Bát Tràng Ancient Village" tour, the "French Architecture in Hanoi" walking tour, and more.

Right after the decision to welcome international guests, alongside the SEA Games 31 event, Hanoi actively promoted and organized many impressive, vibrant cultural events and festivals with the unique cultural characteristics of the capital such as the Hanoi Ao Dai Festival, the Crafts Village Festival, the 2022 Street Crafts Festival, the Hanoi Tourism Festival, the Gia Lam Tourism Festival, and the opening of the Ba Vi tourism area, etc.

All activities were carried out in a synchronized, unified manner, ensuring safety while still achieving high efficiency.

Tourism in Hanoi and expectations for 2023

With effort, Hanoi tourism has shown many positive signals after opening: 8.61 million visitors with revenue of 25.2 trillion VND, in the first 6 months of 2023, the number of visitors and total revenue from tourists is three times higher than the same period last year and more than twice as high as the entire year of 2021.

The rapid and strong recovery is the foundation for Hanoi to confidently set new expectations for 2023. Accordingly, Hanoi will strive to welcome and serve approximately 12-15 million visitors, including about 3-4 million international visitors, with expected total revenue from tourism of around 42.8 - 55.8 trillion Vietnamese dong.

In this recovery momentum, the tourism industry of the capital city will continue to implement and develop many appropriate activities to quickly reach the set target. It is hoped that tourism in Hanoi will continue to grow, attracting a large number of domestic and international visitors, and contributing to the overall development of tourism in Vietnam.



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